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tv   Headline News  RT  January 3, 2014 8:00am-8:30am EST

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the central african republic stands on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe as violence in the country reaches a critical level this despite a french led military mission allegedly aimed at bringing stability to the state. doctor struggle to save a three month old baby girl injured in one of the deadly blasts that hit the russian city of volgograd before the new york r.t. brings you the latest on the life and death battle unfolding at a moscow hospital. gowns a riot wing group in south africa ready as an escape plan as they believe the post nelson mandela era in their country holds a gloomy future for the white population there.
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what your team did ashleigh coming to you live from the russian capital with josh welcome to the program. skyrocketing violence in the central african republic has forest international medical group doctors without borders to almost halt its aid in the country's largest refugee camp fighting in the republic has been on the rise since the start of the year with doctors themselves now under threat the uighurs now also ringing the alarm of a humanitarian catastrophe as more than half a million people are facing starvation while disease is rampant in the crowded camps and even though france has deployed a military contingent have so far failed to bring peace to the countries are now reports. less than a year after french moods marched into mali france again is fighting in another of its former colonies in africa. less secure the situation in the
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central african republic is alarming if not frightening that you paris received a green light from the un security council to use military force to restore order after deadly ethnic russians in the country escalated. i have decided to act immediately or more precisely this very evening this was eight hundred french soldiers were sent to the violence torn country to join the six hundred already deployed there on a force that france has no where the most of them to save human lives and months later and lives are still being lost on all sides france's sixteen hundred strong force appeared and mabel to put an end to ethnic tensions dating back to the central african republic independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty fourth france form a monopoly is responsible for helping to create in africa a number of totally artificial states like ca are and now they jump in with this
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operation which is stupid militarily economically and politically dangerous scandalous from a human perspective and lead to zero results. that's zero results if we're talking bringing stability to the country but alan creepin president of france is new and to capitalist party believes there is more to paris's decision to intervene if your of france used the pretext of human rights and in fact it was aimed at protecting its economic interests in the c.a.r. is rich in resources but it mostly has value due to its strategic location in the center of a vast and rich area so it's eventually all about dominating and controlling the entire region. but others see the african country central location on the continent as the key to fulfill the stated goals of the french military mission of securing the entire region. through me france and other european countries are threatened by
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islamic radical and terrorist groups that are now decentralized and developed in the belt from the mercian teenie a coast to somalia and french troops deter these dangerous forces and also prevent pirates and drug traffickers from uniting but would both critics and advocates of the french military operation in the central african republic equally agree on is that no matter what the intentions are behind france's authorities' decision to get involved it's the french people footing the bill that was the operation only became needed as there was a failure of diplomacy and politics in this city are a failure of the un the african union economic community of central african states and the you who pays for this pricey campaign french taxpayers. surveys show less than half of the french population supposed a country's latest michu expedition to africa pushed forward by france's least
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popular president in poland history by more than a thousand french soldiers are now in the central african republic here in paris the intervention into the country's former colony still gets a mixed reaction no one's really sure if it's an act of goodwill or a calculated move to benefit front's. residents not see reporting from paris. alone lasky from the institute of oriental languages and civilizations says peace and stability was never the actual goal of french intervention in the country. for the for the central africa was them under french through and since they became independent. french army and soon center left legal second point is is the former central african president was kicked out from power works just at the moment when he signed agreement with chinese. oil companies dime
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france didn't react and it is very important to serve chinese economy is growing economy and in an economy much more active in africa. all the western economies and i think that's one of the basic reasons of conflicts you know we can know it's to compete issue between western powers and time. a story now that our g. is following very closely the fight for life of a three month old baby girl injured in the recent terror attacks in the russian city of volgograd doctors say her condition remains critical but stable our correspondent margaret how has the details. i am here at this children's hospital where baby the car was brought and she is currently fighting for her life behind me now doctors did give up a press conference earlier regarding what they are doing for her and here's what
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they had to say what is good you as a baby go remains in a coma we put her on a ventilator in intensive care also she sustained some light yet serious brain damage the condition is very serious we've got it under control they b.b.q. was originally on the trolley an eight thirty december the thirtieth that bus with her mother and her grandmother they were headed to the hospital where because it was already sick and going to receive some testing to find out what was going on they were standing at the epicenter of that blast and very close proximity to the suicide bomber now the mother and the grandmother killed a baby because surviving the blast based on her blanket wrapped tightly around her it did protect her from receiving life threatening burns though originally the baby was unaccounted for it was not determined to she belong to and the babies and was able to identify her clothing and contacted law enforcement officials because she
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recognized what the baby was wearing now the crew was transported to moscow to receive treatment for her injuries here at the children's hospital and her father has since stepped up and was able to come forward and say that he will be taking charge of the baby now it must be said that a nine year old girl also came to moscow this hospital with speak up because of the injuries that she received in the train depot blast on december the twenty ninth she is also rich receiving treatment here for her injuries. following the attack some politicians have called to bring back the death penalty for terrorism even though there are the republicans say the current law is an awful lot on target a home to see the argument. south africa's ruling party wants to change the name of the capital pretoria they say it's a reminder of the country's apartheid past where one foreign group there fear is that discrimination may soon be back this time against a white population or just policy or reports. most of the black people say as soon
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as mandela dies or little white people are going to die like flies the duplicity family live in south africa's impermanent a province in a predominantly white neighborhood they belong to a group called the safe and is convinced it's only a matter of time before the country's white population is slaughtered by the black majority and they go on just full of supplies in preparation for d.-day so we had together nuff a diesel and fuel for of a different vehicles we get another fuel to use to last us about a thousand five hundred kilometers this story each it's going to go on our vehicles that is for making food and keeping warm then. prep myself with some cereal some pastors rice all that's kind of stuff that can last a long time then we've got some crates of food as well we've got a water purifier that will take us when we get to a place then there's no fresh water dion's be preparing for seven years while most
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south africans watched mandela's funeral with sadness he monitored it with concern for everybody that needs to be found and how it's mr through surely can start the evacuation plan. we are we're i'm prepping for anarchy and this place is a ticking time bomb and it's threats like this that don't take seriously right now only fifty thousand white families own more than eighty percent of the lead in south africa and that land was taken by arms were stolen from black people we wanted to return to the black majority militant black youth are calling on white citizen colonialists to leave the country we are evacuating to our first assembly point just outside of town and my prediction is that they're going to close this rodeo for us are we gonna leave town. they're going to boxes in but we've got another good. guys there's a lot of turf lot of commotion going on we should be able to watch out check the
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traffic. and be aware. there's a lot of people that's going to die but i can promise you. on the day of the real evacuation people will hear from all surrounding towns then they'll move on to a permanent location where they'll set up a base if need be for you. this is my country i was born here as one piece of land just give me what i. earned for me and my family to grow up and have some opportunities in life that's all but most often africans think is exaggerated south africa belongs to everyone who lives. in eight black and white. mountain constitution that takes that for what. even if his preparation is in vain it's better to be safe than sorry and so while mandela's passing heralds the end of an era a minority of white south africans are fearing
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a future as bleak and as gloomy as the dark years of apartheid. south africa. the chaos in post arab spring libya is taking its toll on foreign employees as very fortunately. the mysterious murder although birds and a new zealander just outside tripoli has left the country's overstretched authorities baffled war details are coming up soon. for you give yourself a year or so doing. the faster you run the bride or the lying to customers of a u.k. health club help the environment while keeping food to. food fondant and festivity we'll look at what the russian olympic city of sochi has to offer to those walking there in february this morning just to have.
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played. crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. he survived war atrocities. to make a final decision. has changed his life and the world
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around him. by giving up. hope. and love to so many children. nikolai the miracle worker on the t.v. . over to go digital the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy shred albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our crafts difficult we've been a hydrogen why a handful of trans national corporations they will profit by the screwing what our founding fathers once told us i'm job market and on this show we reveal the big
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picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trucks rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america five go ready to join the movement then walk a little bit there. well go back to watching r.t. international the twenty fourteen winter olympics are just around the corner and
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the host city of sochi is preparing to accommodate sow's of sports fans from all over the world so what's there to do for all those crowds aside from watching the games we've got some tips you've bought your tickets thousands of kilometers below connoisseur of the globe and now you are in such heat for the twenty fourteen winter games so when you know watching the skiing hockey or skating what else is they to do well the perk of a winter games in sochi is a tropical coastline on the blackfeet beaches and parks alongside monuments and museums allow you to take in a bit of history and experience a lifestyle the beach front is lined with local shops so grab a souvenir while enjoying the views of the black sea and did not get your party shoes on because when they meet in lights are lit the buzz in clubs come a life. that also holds a ski resort is lined with the european hotels restaurants and shops at least one
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luxury hotel office spiced commendation just a step from the slopes guess enjoy stunning mountain views designer rooms and on site spine health club. i went to see the best that money can buy what they need to look for i think is the person and it's what what they want if you look for skiers you want to have a cozy hotel where you feel warm and relaxed and you think that's what we can offer you here we have state of the art slopes we have state of the art equipment connection infrastructures i think for for skiers it's just the perfect spot to choose the. next stop because even with a twist of french restaurant with a pinch of russian offering swap well and frog legs alongside more local dishes like boss you know here it's good because you know we have made saying we have to see you get these beauties and for that i will i decide to leave here you know. and as they say in front of the bar right here in russia we say option.
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finally some relegation and a sponsor treatment is a temptation for any skia visiting the black sea resort in a bunch is just the place you haven't been and russia whole while i've never really been to a russian or what is also known as a russian sauna but now i'm in sochi and the world we build congregated he has during the winter games and i thought why not give it a try something traditional and russian so let's see if the british banja is using the right. sometimes equated to a turkish bath the buying experience is usually considered and indispensable pitstop on the journey to discover russian culture. when you first arrive there's a sense of serenity in the air incense burning meditation music in the background and a cup of herbal tea to calm the body down the felt heads we're worrying about on your
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head typically want to protect the head from this intense heat of the sauna the muscles are friendly experienced and share some health tips about what the russian binah does for the body the experience amazing. i also had one more treatment to test out the hedgehog fuck this will become one of those places that all of the spectators athletes might want to visit another fellow that i find myself in a big giant cocked but this part will be a mounting one come february to begin with they instill it she might seem. like she's having a lot of fun there and we'll be bringing you more reports from the olympic city over the coming days so do stay with our tina national if you can. search for the twenty fourteen olympics what's this place like why is it so special as the russian
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resort prepares to welcome the world power the games shaping the city's present and future what more sochi will bring you this is the moment they're reporting from a very cold and snowy windy mountainous tough yet beyond the olympics but. now the u.k. foreign office has confirmed the death of a british national in libya two bodies both was gunshots wounds were found near a key oil and gas complex outside tripoli a libyan security official says the second victim as a woman from new zealand the motives and circumstances of what happened what appears to be a brutal murder are unclear the out of her of the executive intelligence review magazine or nz freeman says it's a further side of al qaida is grip on the country libya doesn't really exist as a country right now it is made up of all kinds of militias and on groups with very
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significant control by al-qaeda so it's unclear who are any he's doing what except that we know the countries in the state of lawlessness where the west has the story of libya the nato intervention for failure. they were for matter you know overthrowing gadhafi regime change you try to throw they were freighting ok going green democracy means that now al qaeda runs the country libyan people have a right to have a country and not be controlled by these outside forces really ok with you being backed by the major western powers up to that. look at some other stories from around the world three people have been killed and several injured after police opened fire on garment workers blocking a road south of capital the demonstrators were calling for a doubling of the minimum wage up to one hundred sixty dollars a month while the government has only offered their one hundred the garment industry is a key source of income for him bad employees at least half
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a million workers. travels in south sudan are reportedly recruiting civilians in the occupied territories i am march on the country's capital juba that's amid peace talks that started today is the o.p.'s aiming to hold the spiraling violence the united states have meanwhile announced a reduction of their diplomatic mission due to a lack of security clashes between government and rebel forces have so far left over a thousand people dead. or face america is in the grip of blizzards and frigid temperatures as a snow storm makes its way through the region new york and new jersey have declared a state wide emergency j.f.k. airport in new york is closed while hundreds of flights have been also canceled nationwide officials are urging people to avoid traveling after matty roads were blocked now to some people power the customers of
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a brand new health club in the u.k. city of bristol generate a lot of energy while training and it's not only burning calories but it's also eliminating the whole gym. looks at all the benefits of the new technology. the motto here is if in doubt work out and the customers sweating in this bristol gym and just butt in calories they're generating an electricity at the same time thanks to nifty new equipment the technology used to it has turned these machines into mini power station the say by using this bike on generating electricity that goes back into the grid and help to keep the lights on that helps to keep the televisions working and even helps to keep the music playing. the idea is so simple it's hard to believe that just one equipment manufacturer has embraced it in this gym is pioneering it and if you press that button here it gives you an
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understanding of. the energies produced. i may have been vicious admissions you've avoided the energy of producing as well so you can see when you're working night what you're actually powering here i am trying to power a juice maker in light of my fitness levels i'm only managing the fan but by using up less traditional energy this place is helping to save the environment under the guise of the gym's broom cupboard is the no of center of the energy saving system this is the the switchboard this is where all the. stored energy from the machines anything that is not used will go back into the switchboard and be distributed into the other machines in the cloud so this is the nerve center yeah this is it this is the of the hub and this is what is my baby this bit that jason the gym manages on usually tend to feelings for the fuse box could be to do with how much money it's saving him or let us just see bill. for an example he's about you guys and find the
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money with the new equipment that's come in we've seen that reduced by by fifteen hundred nineteen months already safe for us thus quite a significant savings that for gentlemen over there is helping me to save any. cold and edgy prices in the u.k. have been rising so fast it's prompted a national debate on how to keep gas and electricity supply is in check but thanks to the power of the people jason's got its source head have you had customers using the weights and you said why don't you try this treadmill of total much stuff to make sure they bring all the people with leave the weights as well you going to sit with it despite being used as human generated as the customer as are happy bunch we were in and out of energy only i mean a few years time but most post going to happen if you don't save energy that's the point to make sure your tradition should really be this or you're doing yourself it you're also doing good work which is good when you put in something but looks like
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burning off the fat without buttoning fossil fuels has given a whole new meaning to exercising power playboy. line for you today here on our t.v. a reinforcement for that a fan or as of women's rights in saudi arabia with gods the story of a first female law firm doubt women can fall back on if they feel oppressed in a male dominated kingdom also want to call him today riding the sound waves japanese scientists succeed in levitating objects in three dimensions using acoustic vibrations so how long to learn more on the unique proceso. up next year on r.c.a. to nationalise of the bay show crosstalk with peter lavelle going.
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recently the federal reserve system celebrated its one hundredth birthday you know that big card game that just a few years ago no one seemed to know about has been in place for one hundred years so let's celebrate the federal reserve by remembering all their. compliments since nine hundred thirteen firstly they've managed to take the printing of money out of the hands of the us government and thus out of the hands of us voters i what it comes to money who needs to mock received representation anyways they also managed to whittle away the dollars tagging the gold until nixon finally said forget gold let's print our way out of vietnam and because there is no link between the dollar and gold the purchasing power of the dollar has reduced by at least twenty three times since the fed came into being lovely but what about the next hundred years well if the recent rounds of quantitative easing are any sign of things to come then we are going to be seeing a lot more inflation and big private bankers getting richer while we all get poorer bad people generally don't survive one hundred years but bad systems sadly can go
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on and on and on forever but that's just my opinion. obviously we should be quite concerned about a lot of the recent revelations about spying and so forth the internet remains the most powerful tool for the spread of freedom in the world today. is. a low in welcome across time considered on people about what is the fate of the house of saud its list of complaints against washington riyadh's well known protect
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your kids long and getting longer the saudis are furious over western dealings with iran disappointed that obama didn't bomb syria and determined to export its why the full form of islam and one of its only real friends in the region is israel given all of this can the house of saud afford what it calls. an independent foreign policy. crosstalk saudi arabia i'm joined by my guest brian becker in washington he is the national coordinator of the answer coalition and in nashville we cross to mark levine he is a senior fellow with the truman national security project and a radio show host or a gentleman cross-talk rules in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want and i very much encourage you brian is it time for washington to tell saudi arabia to pound say and well i think it's been long established that the u.s. government considers the saudi government to be an indispensable ally not its only ally and perhaps now not its principal.


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